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Why I’ve Outgrown Online Dating


For the past 11 months I’ve been single and, for the most part, cool about it.  I have quite a bit going on and when I don’t, relish the idea of chilling out at home. So yes I really don’t mind being on my own. But, when I meet up with coupled friends, the social inadequacy creeps in and I think I should get myself a plus one. Everyone tells me to get back on to the online-dating front. But I just can’t find the courage to hit that “register” button. Memories of my 20s come flooding back where I was a relentless internet dater; Guardian Soul Mates, Time Out Dating, (3 times), My Single, Badoo- at some point I have been a member of these. My bank statements prove it.

Looking back I can’t believe the amount of crap I took from various guys and now at the age of 33, it got me thinking. I could tell myself that it’ll be different this time, but the prospect of going through that clinical process of scrolling through online profiles turns my stomach. Let me explain… Continue Reading


Relationship CV


Relationship CV
Why everyone should have one, why prospective partners should read them!

Finding the One is almost like finding a job.  You have a person/skills spec in mind prescriptive, most probably, to the T. The first date is like an interview and if you tick the boxes, you get the call-back for the second round selection- perhaps complete with a PowerPoint presentation or In-tray assessment. As dating is starting to mirror the job hunt perhaps we should invest in a relationship CV. The important document that contains those little nuggets of info that will tell you whether your new (candi)date will lead you to real love or a true dud! Sure a CV takes all that’s left of the excitement in dating, but I’ve seen some colossal break-ups in my time, most that could have been avoided if they had a little insight into their other half’s romantic history.

Anyway here is what I envision a relationship CV to be. I wish you every success in the future and no doubt your CV will be kept on file.

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