Relationship CV


Relationship CV
Why everyone should have one, why prospective partners should read them!

Finding the One is almost like finding a job.  You have a person/skills spec in mind prescriptive, most probably, to the T. The first date is like an interview and if you tick the boxes, you get the call-back for the second round selection- perhaps complete with a PowerPoint presentation or In-tray assessment. As dating is starting to mirror the job hunt perhaps we should invest in a relationship CV. The important document that contains those little nuggets of info that will tell you whether your new (candi)date will lead you to real love or a true dud! Sure a CV takes all that’s left of the excitement in dating, but I’ve seen some colossal break-ups in my time, most that could have been avoided if they had a little insight into their other half’s romantic history.

Anyway here is what I envision a relationship CV to be. I wish you every success in the future and no doubt your CV will be kept on file.

The Opening Statement
In your professional CV, this would be your chance to proclaim your best employee attributes, a synoptic song and dance of how amazing you are.  For an intended amour, this is where you list why you’re such a great catch, what “skills” you bring to the relationship (great team player, good communication skills, problem- solver extraordinaire) and the subsequent successes you’ve reaped from previous experiences. Stock phrases “moved in together”, “went on couple holidays” and “remembered every anniversary” are real winners!

Relationship Experience
Here’s where we get to the crux of the matter. Just as a dodgy career history can be riddled with short stints of work, a relationship CV strewn with short-lived relationships – or indeed one with very little – is a sure sign that this person can’t quite go the whole distance or they lack significant experience. It may mean that they really don’t/can’t do commitment. Conversely a past littered with long epic romances fares a little better although you do question just how much emotional baggage has built up. Read in to this part as you will but the telling part is why the relationship ended.

And finally, there’s nothing quite like hearing it straight from the horse’s mouth eh? If an Ex can truly be positive in their appraisal then it’s a good sign to sealing the deal to BF or GF status. If there’s a bad reference you may want to take that with a pinch of salt depending on how bitter they are, but any allusions to “cheater”, “violent”, “liar” should throw up huge red flags and consign them to the reject bin.










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