Hi there, I’m Radhika!


Welcome to my blogging website. This glimpse into my psyche has been sitting in my brain for years. But due to my own damn diffidence and laziness, I hid it away. However a string of interesting events has inspired me to write and send my stories out into the ether of the worldwide web.

In a former life I was a journalist and Editor of Asiana and Asiana Wedding magazines.  I loved the job except found the “rock-roll-who-gives-a-shit- edgy” culture hard to stomach. So I changed direction and dabbled in events for international media, marketing and communications. In between I’ve lived in Italy, worked on a newspaper in Sri Lanka, spent a year’s working holiday in Australia and backpacked around Spain. There is far more to do on that front but I realise how much I missed writing so voilà, thus was born A Curlerful Mind.

Each tab represents one of my passions:

As an Asian girl with quirky curls I constantly have to justify my looks to my culture. At the end of my tether, I created Curly Kella as a resource for fellow Asian curly girls to access. Here you will find advice, interviews and product reviews from all over the world. Because we all could use a little support while the rest of the world catches up with how cool curls are!

Pathologically single? Don’t worry I reckon Cupid likes to have his fun in the match-making game. I’m living proof and by sharing my dating disasters, I hope you find some comfort in my Dating page.

I haven’t covered the entire globe yet but my travels make for an interesting read. I love exploring and, having lived abroad in different countries, I’ve picked up insider knowledge to side-step the pitfalls of the easy-prey tourist. Have a read and see what takes your fancy in Travel.

Finally the Blues Diary. A very personal insight into mental health.  It’s a subject very close to my heart and thankfully it’s getting the attention it deserves.

So enjoy, laugh, cry, shout. It’s all light-hearted banter and if you have something to say, drop me a line in Just Sayin’ the place I write about anything that grabs my attention.






Finally a HUGE thanks to these guys without whom this blog would NEVER have happened:

Sam Rowe, website designer and fellow travel addict. He’s great to work with, will always advise but without steam rolling over your own ideas. Check him out on samrowe.net– highly recommend!

Adrian Nettleship

Adrian Nettleship, photographer based in East London. A true gem who took my photos and made me look pretty. He actually got me on the springboard for A Curlerful Mind. http://www.adriannettleship.com/